iBlue Smart Gate


Smart Technology

Security and convenience in a single tap. Control your gate, garage, and more with your smart phone.

Modernize your entrance points with iBlue Smart Gate. With the iBlue Smart Gate device and mobile application you can eliminate the need for physical keys and remotes. The smart phone application allows you to keep all your virtual keys in one easy to manage place. Using the application you can also easily share virtual keys with friends and control when the shared keys are usable.

Secure Technology

The iBlue Smart Gate Device uses the latest secure technology including a Bluetooth Smart connection that uses 128 bit encryption providing a connection that is more secure then traditional radio frequency remotes.

Key Sharing Made Easy

Easily share access to your property with your friends and family using the iBlue Smart Gate application. You can send permanent, one time use, or limited access keys for extra control and flexibility.

Easy to Install, Easy to Operate

A gate technician can easily install the iBlue Smart Gate device into your gate motor or other entrance. The iBlue device has an activation range of up to 100 meters (depending on where the device is installed) and can be used simultaneously with other activation systems such as remotes and loop detectors.

Get Up and Running In No Time

Get up and running in three simple steps



The iBlue Device can be quickly and easily installed by a gate technician. Contact us to find a certified installer.



Download the Smart Phone Application and share virtual keys with your friends, family, or whoever needs access to your property.



Control multiple doors, gates, garage shutters, parking barriers, and more all with the iBlue Smart Gate application on your smartphone.


Technical Parameters

Supply voltage: 8-35V DC, 6-24V AC

Operating temperature range: -40°C – +85°C

Max. current consumption (@24V):    45 mA

Number of switched output(s): 1

Output type: unfused relay contact (NO)

Max. load current on output(s): 1A@24V DC, 0.5A@125V AC

Max. switched voltage: 125V AC, 60V DC

Input voltage short circuit protection: fuse (0.2A)

Size: 40x75x20 mm

Wireless communication protocol: Bluetooth 4.0 LE

RF carrier frequency: 2.4GHz

RF TX power: +3 dBm

What’s in the Box?


The box includes:

  • 1 x iBlue Smart Gate Device
  • 1 x plastic card containing the PUK code
  • 1 x instruction booklet


iOS: iPhone 5S or later (iOS 10.0.0 or later)

Android: Android 4.4 or later, with Bluetooth 4.0 support

FAAC and GENIUS automation products recommended for maximum reliability and compatibility with the iBlue device.